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2 comments | Friday, November 04, 2005

We've been having a few formatting problems with the site.

Whenever I post a link, with a long URL, it throws everything off....

I think I solved the problem, but if you log on and the screen looks blank, there are a few things you can do.

1. Scroll Down on the site. The news is pushed underneath the information that appears on the right.

2. Change the font size on your browser. (If it is set at LARGE or LARGER, the news might not fit on your page.)

3. Don't give up. We're still working on things to make your experience better. To all who emailed me to let me know about the problems, thank you.

Josh Hatcher

1 comments | Thursday, November 03, 2005

Roulette United Methodist Church Bazaar will be held
Saturday November 5th.


With Elections on the way Tuesday, Roulette is a fury of accusations and opinions as Gary Fesseden and Bill Grandin face off for Township Supervisor.

The township's purchase of the water company has been an issue of contention between the citizenry and the supervisors for years now, and those issues, among other are being thrown back and forth in the mix.

Political signs have been stolen, petitions have been circulated, letters to the editor have been written...
Check out some of those at the Potter Leader Enterprise website.


Editor's Note:
For the record, I'm glad I'm not living in Roulette right now. Gary Fesseden and Bill Grandin have been good friends of mine for years. Glad I don't have to choose between them.

1 comments | Wednesday, November 02, 2005

State Representative Martin Causer has lent his support to a bill that
passed on the house floor to protect property rights.
Causer says the Supreme court ruled this year that governments can use
current eminent domain laws to take properties for the purpose of commercial
House Bill 2054 would prohibit local and state agencies form using eminent
domain for private or commercial purposes, unless public health is at stake,
or the property owner agrees.

The bill now has to clear the State Senate.


Rick Santorum's reelection campaign has hit a milestone.
For the last several months, the Santorum 2006 team has been working to
recruit thousands of volunteers to serve as grassroots advocates.

More than 10,000 individuals have volunteered to be Rick’s Running Mates

Senator Santorum says he's thrilled to have so many Pennsylvanians in his


Governor Ed Rendell's Stay Warm Pennsylvania Initiative is holding a
Statewide Energy summit today, starting at 9 AM.

The summit is designed to find ways to help seniors and lower income
Pennsylvanians tackle a heating crisis this winter.

To Find out more, visit http://www.staywarmpa.com


The money from the McKean County landfill sale is coming back home to the
coffers of the municipalities that paid big tipping fees.

The Solid Waste Authority announced it will pay back 1 million 300 thousand
dollars to the 20 municipalities that didn’t sue over the hiked up tipping

The population-based formula leaves each township with a hefty chunk of

2.5 million dollars of the sale will go back to the county government.


Senate Republicans are looking at a repeal of that controversial pay raise.
The pay raise was voted one late night in July, without any public
discussion or hearings. It's been the fuel behind a massive public outcry,
and now lawmakers are looking at how to clean up the mess.


City Council sat in on an appeal hearing last night.

The Church of the Ascension wants to sell a Chautauqua Place house to
Crossgate Management, so that the building can be leveled to build a parking
lot for Emory Towers.

The Historic Architectural Review Board approved the demolition, and City
Council initially denied the plan, giving little if any reason for the

Robert Costello spoke at the meeting, on behalf of Crossgate, informing
council that Emory towers has only 16 parking spaces for 102 apartments.

Church Junior Warden Bill Tremaine says the building has become a financial
hardship for the church, as they pay utility costs.


Yet another member of the Historical Architectural Review Board has

Mayor Michelle Corignani mentioned the resignation of Tom Seagren during
last night's special City Council meeting.

So far, Mark Luciano, Charla Munn, and Dean Bauer, and now Seagren have all
resigned from HARB.

Corignani says the quartet resigned because of political pressure, which she
says is undue of a volunteer board, attempting to make the city a better


A Harrison Valley woman was traveling in Potter County when her vehicle was
struck by a flying pumpkin. Sandra Cramer said that the incident occurred at
about 1030 Halloween night.

Police do not know who hurled the squash.


A Set of restrooms at the Genesee Recreation Park were broken into over
Halloween weekend. Police say someone broke in to the closed facilities and
used the restroom.


In Potter County, State Police were called out to a Coudersport residence
for a windbreaker, a cellphone, and a digital camera that were reported as
stolen while trick or treating in Ulysses.

The caller called in later to report that the items had been misplaced not


A Genesee, PA woman was pulled over this weekend by a State Police patrol
unit. Christa Stone was charged with DUI and several summary charges.


Last Weeks shooting death has been ruled a suicide.
Initial reports indicated Ivan Hakes shot himself accidentally while chasing
horses, McKean County Coroner Mike Cahill has ruled the death a suicide,
which would imply the act was intentional.


St. Marys Police charged Edward L. Joshnick of St. Marys with robbery in
connection with Tuesday afternoon's robbery of National City Bank in the St.
Marys Plaza.
Joshnick was arraigned and placed in Elk County Jail.
Police will hold a press conference regarding the robbery tomorrow morning.


The number of confirmed cases of whooping cough in Cattaraugus County has
jumped to 42.
40 of those cases were reported in Portville. One case each has been
reported in Olean City and Allegany-Limestone schools.
Monday, nearly 140 Portville Central School students received a pertusis
booster shot during a clinic held at the school.


City Police say for a Halloween Night, it was rather mild. While the usual
faire did keep officers busy, the police log contains nothing too serious.
Incidents of Criminal Mischief were reported on Congress and Thompson, and
on Summer Street.
A hit and Run occurred on Congress Street, along with a few other minor
A Juvenile was dealt with on Elm Street, and a theft was reported from the
Auto Junction.


A Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling goes into effect today that could have a
weighty impact on the state's Wineries.
Ron Zampogna of the Flickerwood Winery in Kane, says the ruling has some
scary impliations for local winemakers.
The ruling would prevent wine makers like Zampogna from shipping wine
directly to in-state Customers.
Zampogna says that ban affects a lot of his business,especially right before
the holiday season.
The ruling comes on the heels of one of the greatest years for wine quality
in Pennsylvania in quite some time.


The Death of Coudersport Native Patrick Ryan is still under investigation.
State Police in Forest County report that the investigation is still open.

Forest County Coroner Norman Wimer says he's still awaiting toxicology
results from the forensics lab in Erie.

Ryan's body was found in Forest County, one week after he disappeared from

His parents have offered a reward for information leading to the prosecution
of anyone involved in the death of their son.


A Film crew from Entertainment tonight will be making their way to Bradford
on Next Week. The crew is coming to interview Bradford teen Justin
Willoughby to ask him about his weight loss.
The teen has lost 418 pounds without any surgery.
A representative from Entertainment tonight told Justin's parents in a
letter that his story was an inspiration, and needs to be told.


An Allegany county sex offender was sent to jail after a stand off in
Canedea Monday. 25 year-old Mitchel Hinckley was about to be served papers
for violating his parole, when he barricaded doors at this home, and refused
to let law enforcement in
Police did get in, and found Hinkley hiding in the attic. He was charged
with resisting arrest along with the initial violation.


Auditor General Jack Wagner says an audit of the Seneca Highlands Area
Vocational and Technical School has left the school in the clear.
Wagner says the state's 501 school districts and education agencies are
audited to ensure they are in compliance with state law, and effectively
performing their duties.


Eldred World War Two Museum Director Jay Tennies will present the stories of
his recent trip to Russia at the Museum and Learning center on Thursday.
Tennies wet to Moscow to build a friendship between the Eldred Museum and
the Russian Museum.


An informational meeting on the Medicare Prescription plan will be held at
the Smethport Senior Center.
Apprise Coordinator for the Area Agency on Aging Jill Cyphert will present
the information during two afternoon sessions on November 14.


The PBS-aired documentary about the Kinzua Bridge State Park is now
available for viewing over the Internet

Can be viewed at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
website at



A Ten Thousand dollar grant is coming in for a Bradford Organization.
HealthWorks Bradford received a grant from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
to promote wellness initiatives to employees and other Bradford residents.
HealthWorks project director Patricia Demjan says the funding will be used
to educate, and work with outreach partnerships that share the goal of
improving health.


Yesterday was the start of National Fuel's massive rate increase, in fact,
the larges rate increase in the company's history.
The rates will increase 22.8 percent, which translates to about 350 dollar
more per year for an average customer.
Nancy Taylor of National Fuel says the increase is necessary to reflect the
purchase price of fuel.
Taylor says the supply situation keeps bottlenecking, raising prices


Judge John Cleland has ruled in a summary judgment in favor of the
manufacturer of the sensor that led to the 2001 fatal explosion at Temple
Inland Particleboard plant.
Cleland ruled in favor of GreCon, stating he believes it is wear and tear,
not a manufacturer's defect that caused the part to give out, and start a
fire that killed three, and injured several others.
The part in questions was a spark detector, that if working properly, would
have detected the ember that started the fire, and set off an alarm, and an
automatic sprinkler system before the fire got out of hand.


State Police launched a massive search for a pair of camp burglaries.
Two men reportedly had broken into several homes and camps near Galico
Crossing. Police started pursuing the suspects around 11: 30 on Monday
morning, and were hot on the trail with the help of a helicopter unit, and a
set of Emporium bloodhounds.
Police say one of the men has been identified as Donald Riley.
The other man's name is unknown.
One of the pair was seen wearing an orange sweatshirt, and the other has
blonde hair.
Last night, the search continued along Route 46 near Crosby.
Anyone who sees the men should call 911.


St. Marys police say that someone attempted to enter Anita Raspatello's home
through a locked basement door at around noon today.
Raspatello scared the person away.
Anyone with information is asked to contact St. Marys police.


State representative Kathy Rapp is inviting senior citizens and their
families to the Kane Senior Expo, behind held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Thursday in the Kane Community Center.

People from various state and private agencies will be on hand to provide
information on health care, financial planning, government services and

The event will also include health screenings, refreshments and other
special activities.


The YWCA Victims' Resource Center will be starting a support group for Adult
Victims of Childhood Sexual Assault.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to call the YWCA.


Three people allegedly involved in a robbery at an Olean Uni-Mart were
captured by police early this morning.

Olean police say two women entered the store just before one a.m. One of
them said she had a gun and demanded money. The women left the store and
fled to a waiting car with an undetermined amount of money.

After police caught up with the vehicle, the arrested 31-year-old Rosemary
Kenkey and 24-year-old Kyle Miller, both of Westons Mills, with first-degree
robbery. 43-year-old David Mall, who has no permanent address, was charged
with obstructing government administration and resisting arrest. Police say
another woman allegedly involved in the robbery escaped.


State Senator Joe Scarnati has announced a grant awarded to the North
Central Industrial Technical Education Center in Ridgeway.

The 29 thousand dollar grant will be used to purchase supplies and other
resources to keep the facility up to date.

The Education center offers job training for North Central Pennsylvania.


A Bradford resident, and expert on paranormal activity is gathering some
national attention.

Widely regarded as an expert in the study of UFOs and cryptozoology, Scott
Corales has been interviewed by National Geographic and the Discover Channel
recently., about his study of the Chupa Cabras in Puerto Rico.

Corrales says no one knows for sure what the Chupa Cabras is, but he says
it nothing explains thousands of dead animals across Latin America.

Corales Discovery Channel interview will air in December.


A Kane restaurant was destroyed Saturday morning.

The Kane Volunteer Fire department was called out to a fire at Papa Nick's

100 firefighters total, from several departments fought the fire at 314
Chase Street, but the building was a total loss.

The owner and three other occupants were in the building when the fire
started, but they were able to get out without injury.


Senior Extension educator fot the PennState Cooperative Jim Clark was
honored at the 60th anniversary dinner of the Potter County Conservation

Clark was presented an award for "Conservation Educator of the Year"

Clark is known for offering conservation and environmental programs for the
Community in Potter and McKean Counties.


One of the McKean County jail Inmates that walked away while out on work
release has been caught. 33 year old Gary Herbstritt was arrested and taken
into custody by State Police in Port Allegany Friday.

Herbstritt was arraigned before District Judge Barb Boser on escape charges,
and sent back to jail in lieu of 50 thousand dollars cash bail.


An Austin man was injured right at the McKean Potter County Lines on Gardeau
Road in Keating Township.

46-year-old Jeffrey Burger was driving his truck when he left the road,
struck a barrel and a drainage ditch.

Burger then drove through a yard, struck an embankment and wen airborne,
landing across the roadway. Police say Burgers blood alcohol content was
above the legal limit.


A Roulette man was arrested for harassment after a physical altercation with
another male.

Clayton Nelson was charged for the Railroad Avenue tussle. State Police are
still trying to figure out exactly what happened.


A man was killed in Potter County crash Sunday morning. 33-year-old Todd
Burt of West Clarksvile, NY was traveling along Route 44 in Sharon Township
when he lost control, and was ejected through a fiberglass roof.

State Police, Shinglehouse Emergency Medical Services and fire department,
and PennDOT assisted at the scene.


An Accident in Eldred injured a Turtlepoint woman. Amy Kephart was
traveling on Route 155 when an oncoming motorist forced her off the road.

Kephart struck an embankment, and was taken to Bradford Regional Medical
Center for Treatment.


A Kane man was arrested on drug charges. Kane Borough Police report that
Lane Hanes was found in possession of 20 doses of Propoxyphene, a schedule
four drug, and 4 doses of morphine.

Haynes was also charged for fighting with his girlfriend and police during
the course of the arrest.


State Police went out to Highland Township in McKean County Saturday Night,
and found a juvenile passed out on a log.

Police say the juvenile was highly intoxicated. Charges are pending.


A Kane man was killed in a fire in Elk County. State Police report that the
Sunday Morning Fire destroyed a 1 and a half store home in Highland
Township. 24-year-old Robert Asel died of smoke inhalation.

Nine Fire Departments assisted at the scene.


A Verbal altercation in the Austin Borough called in the State Police.

Austin Mayor Albert Gledhill is charged with disorderly conduct after Police
say he caused a public inconvenience, annoyance, and alarm at Perry's
Country Store Saturday morning.


A Coudersport teen was picked up with a keg. 18-year-old Joshua Deuble is
charged with underage drinking after being found with the keg Saturday. He
was released on his own recognizance.


A Man in is in custody for Criminal Mischief among other charges according
to Pennsylvania state police in Kane Saturday. Kevin Pire the second has
been accused of damaging a gas line on Amy Beach's 93 Crown Victoria that
was parked in front of her home. Pire was also charged with Public
Drunkenness and Harassment.


State Police in Coudersport are investigating the burglary of a seasonal
home in Clara Township Saturday. An unknown person entered the residence of
Kirk Hoffman by forcing a door open. No other information has been released
at this time. If anyone has any information about the incident they are
asked to call the State Police Barracks in Coudersport.


Pennsylvania Forest Steward organization says that despite showing up in New
York and West Virginia, deer hunters in Pennsylvania should not be worried
about Chronic Wasting Disease, a condition that strikes deer and elk, and
is similar to Mad Cow Disease.

There is no evidence that the disease poses a risk to humans.